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Virology Research and Development

ImQuest BioSciences provides antiviral drug testing services to help our clients identify antiviral products that inhibit the replication of viruses in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models. Our staff has decades of experience providing quality, efficient and cost-effective services.

Our virology services begin with drug discovery screening and testing programs and follows a well-defined antiviral developmental pathway, guided by documents such as the FDA Points to Consider in the Preclinical Development of Antiviral Drugs. Our services are available for the evaluation of small molecules, natural products, immune modulators, biologics and therapeutic antibodies and provide necessary support from initial discovery, structure-activity relationship evaluation, lead identification and IND-directed preclinical development. Request a quote for Virology Services.

Coronavirus screening is available in support of worldwide research and development efforts. Contact us to learn more.

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Antiviral Development Services

  • Determination of efficacy and toxicity in established and fresh human cells
  • Range of Action Assays, including:
    • Efficacy evaluation in a variety of phenotypically distinct human cell types
    • Efficacy evaluation against drug-resistant virus isolates
    • Cell-to-cell transmission evaluation
    • Efficacy evaluation in chronic and latent models of infection
    • Virucidal activity evaluation
    • Effect of serum and serum protein on antiviral activity
    • Effect of time of drug addition and viral multiplicity of infection
    • Efficacy against a range of infectious viruses
  • Mechanism of action evaluations and drug target validation using cell-based, molecular/biochemical and enzymatic assays
  • Combination therapy evaluation with other FDA-approved and experimental inhibitors
  • Drug resistant virus selection and characterization analysis
  • In vivo analysis of product efficacy and toxicity
  • Virus Stock Production Services

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