ImQuest BioSciences, a preclinical CRO, provides cutting edge services for the assessment of products that modulate the immune response. With our decades of immunology experience we can utilize cell lines or primary cells to efficiently assess the effect of compound treatment on the expression of cytokines, cell proliferation and cell phenotype modulation in support of your project needs.

Our services are available for the evaluation of small molecules, natural products, immune modulators, biologics and therapeutic antibodies and provide necessary support from initial discovery, structure-activity relationship evaluation, lead identification and IND-directed preclinical development.

We are open to customized assay design, endpoint modification, and internalization and validation of pre-developed or published methods.  Contact us to discuss assay needs not specifically listed.

Technical Capabilities

Luminex Platform for Cytokine Evaluation

Using the Luminex xMAP Intelliflex, we can efficiently explore cytokine and chemokine expression from a wide variety of biological matrixes from a range of host species in a multiplexing format. Up to 80 analytes can be assessed in a single assay well from readily accessible commercial kits, or you can design your own custom assay set. Explore a wide variety of ProcartaPlex Panels or custom panels that can be designed and assessed at ImQuest. Various Luminex panels by other manufacturers can be accommodated. Extremely small volume requirements and high sensitivity make the Luminex system uniquely suited for high throughput applications.

Learn more about the Luminex xMAP Intelliflex.

Explore readily accessible ThermoFisher Multiplexing kits.

ELISpot, ELISA and Custom Immunoassay Development

Leveraging our experience in immunoassay development implementation, ImQuest BioSciences can design and execute in vitro culturing and endpoint analysis for the assessment of immune functions T, B, NK and other mononuclear blood cells. Utilizing our CTL ImmunoSpot S6 Universal Analyzer, we can quickly design and implement a highly sensitive ELISpot or FluoroSpot reading. Our equipment can also be leveraged for any microtiter plate based assays requiring foci determination in a multi-color or single color format.

Readily available ELIspot and Flurospot kits can be utilized. Contact us to learn more.

We are also available to support the development of cell-based assays with custom ELISA endpoint applications. Our team is uniquely positioned to design, implement and analyze your custom immunoassay.

Multiparameter Flow Cytometry

A broad range of assay capabilities and endpoints can be accommodated utilizing our flow cytometry experience. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-parameter flow cytometry analysis up to 8 parameters using our FACSCantoII flow cytometer
  • Custom assay development and validation
  • Immunophenotyping
  • Cell exhaustion and activation marker analysis
  • Apoptosis and necrosis Assays
  • Intracellular cytokine assays (ICS)
  • Cell viability assays
  • Proliferation assays in response to specific peptide antigens or mitogens (Con A, PHA, etc.)
  • Intracellular calcium flux assays

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The ImQuest scientific team has extensive expertise in the development of small molecules, natural products, biologics and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of infectious disease, cancer, and inflammatory disease. Explore our additional service offering, or reach out to schedule a consultation.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help our clients accelerate their research and development efforts leading to the successful development of new products for the prevention and treatment of human disease. We have a very specific mission; accelerate your research and development plans and provide robust data in support of your projects.