Biofilm Testing Services

ImQuest BioSciences has optimized biofilm testing services as a component of our in vitro microbiology testing services.

We offer in vitro biofilm testing for gram positive and gram negative bacterial organisms and fungal organisms to study biofilm establishment, growth and dispersal.

These services are available for the evaluation of small molecules, natural products, immune modulators, biologics and therapeutic antibodies.

Our team is open to customized assay design, endpoint modification, and internalization and validation of pre-developed or published methods.  Contact us to discuss your specific assay needs.

Technical Documents

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The ImQuest scientific team has extensive expertise in the development of small molecules, natural products, biologics and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of infectious disease, cancer, and inflammatory disease. Explore our additional service offerings, or reach out to schedule a consultation.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help our clients accelerate their research and development efforts leading to the successful development of new products for the prevention and treatment of human disease. We have a very specific mission; accelerate your research and development plans and provide robust data in support of your projects.