Services for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Clients

  • Broad based technical capabilities for low/mid/high throughput applications for drug development and discovery.
  • BSL2+ facilities to support robust and rapid product development and characterization.
  • Extension of your research and development programs to diversify your scientific capabilities.
  • Assay and method transfer and internalization to support routine and scientifically complex outsourcing needs.

Support for Academic and Virtual Clients

  • Lead discovery and drug development services.
  • Commercialization support for academic collaborators.
  • Outsourced research and development in a collaborative and innovative environment.
  • Support for grant submissions.
  • Comprehensive technical support to support product commercialization and funding efforts.

Outsourced R&D Services and Consultation

  • Virtual CSO and professional services.
  • Customized research and drug development plans.
  • Molecular biology and biochemical support.
  • Consulting services for IND-directed preclinical development.
  • Technical expertise in basic and translational scientific services.

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