ImQuest Publication Highlight: HBV Stocks For Research and Development

Immune-Mobilizing Monoclonal T Cell Receptors Mediate Specific and Rapid Elimination of Hepatitis B–Infected Cells

ImQuest assisted providing the highly concentrated HepG2.2.15 derived HBV stocks to support the the recent publication in the Hepatology. See the abstract below:


ImmTAV molecules specific for HLA-A*02:01-restricted epitopes from HBV envelope, polymerase, and core antigens were engineered. The ability of ImmTAV-Env to activate and redirect polyclonal T cells toward cells containing integrated HBV and cells infected with HBV was assessed using cytokine secretion assays and imaging-based killing assays. Elimination of infected cells was further quantified using a modified fluorescent hybridization of viral RNA assay. Here, we demonstrate that picomolar concentrations of ImmTAV-Env can redirect T cells from healthy and HBV-infected donors toward hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells containing integrated HBV DNA resulting in cytokine release, which could be suppressed by the addition of a corticosteroid in vitro. Importantly, ImmTAV-Env redirection of T cells induced cytolysis of antigen-positive HCC cells and cells infected with HBV in vitro, causing a reduction of hepatitis B e antigen and specific loss of cells expressing viral RNA.

Fergusson et al.

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