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Human Immunodeficiency Virus Services

Advance your anti-HIV drug development program with ImQuest Biosciences' IND-directed antiviral services. As a preclinical CRO, ImQuest BioSciences has extensive experience in antiviral testing service for the development of novel anti-HIV therapeutic and prevention products. With over 25 years of experience in the field of HIV virology, ImQuest has been at the forefront of therapeutic and prevention product development services for HIV. Following the FDA Guidance for Industry, our suite of in vitro assays includes anti-HIV screening assays as well as assays to evaluate promising drug candidates for their range of action against numerous clinical and laboratory strains, efficacy in drug combinations, potential for resistance selection, and phenotypic/genotypic characterization of resistant strains.

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Quantification of Anti-Viral Activity and Cellular Toxicity

  • Preliminary evaluation of antiviral activity using well-characterized laboratory strains
  • Evaluation against geographically diverse strains of HIV including multiple isolates representing each of the HIV-1 subtypes/clades, CCR5- and dual CCR5/CXCR4 co-receptor tropic strains, HIV-2 and SIV
  • Evaluation of antiviral activity in relevant primary cells and tissues, including PBMCs, monocytes/macrophages, and chronically and latently infected cell lines
  • Evaluation against a panel of drug-class-specific mutants and generation of custom mutants by site-directed-mutagenesis
  • Combination therapy interaction analysis

Mechanism of Action Evaluation and Biochemical Assays

ImQuest BioSciences has the ability to evaluate and confirm the mechanism of action of novel chemical entity at any point in the virus replication cycle utilizing both cell-based and biochemical methodologies, including:

  • Inhibition of virus entry to include attachment, fusion and entry through co-receptors
  • Direct virus inactivation (virucidal activity)
  • Inhibition of reverse transcriptase
  • Inhibition of integrase
  • Inhibition of protease

Selection and Characterization of Drug Resistant Virus

The use of an anti-HIV product should take into account the potential presence of pre-existing resistant viruses in the infected patient population and the product should be known to demonstrate antiviral activity against these viruses. As part of the continued development of a therapeutic product ImQuest BioSciences can:

  • Assess the susceptibility of FDA-approved drugs to resistant variants
  • Assess the susceptibility of your drug against variants resistant to approved antiretroviral drugs
  • Perform resistant virus selection from your compound to assess the relative ease of resistant virus selection
  • Genotypic/Phenotypic characterization of resistant viruses that emerge during selection

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Microbicide and Prevention Product Evaluations

In addition to the primary antiviral and cytotoxicity evaluations, other variables associated with transmission that may affect activity or change the toxicity profile can also be performed as part of ImQuet's PrevSENS program for microbicide development:

  • Antiviral activity across a range of viral multiplicities of infection
  • Antiviral activity following pH transition from pH 4 to pH 7
  • Protection against infection by cell-free and cell-associated HIV-1 virus
  • Antiviral activity in the presence of whole semen, seminal plasma, cervicovaginal lavage fluid and mucin
  • Virucidal activity evaluations for agents which inactivate infectious virus
  • Evaluation of virus sterilization using the Microbicide Transmission and Sterilization Assay (MTSA)

High Titer HIV Virus Stock Production

ImQuest BioSciences provides technical services for the production of high titer and highly infectious HIV virus stocks for both laboratory and clinical strains. We can propagate, concentrate, and characterize HIV at scales ranging from milliters to liters, saving you time and avoiding the tedious steps required for HIV production. Whatever your needs, our scientists will customize the virus production process to your specifications.

Virus Production Services include:

  • Production of crude virus preparations for clinical and laboratory derived HIV strains
  • Concentration of virus from crude preparations utilizing Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
  • Determination of virus concentration by qPCR and TCID50 determinations
  • Preparation of inactivated virus
  • Isolation of viral proteins, RNA & DNA
  • Quantification of proteins and nucleic acids

Documentation of final viral titer is provided with each lot of virus produced. Infectious virus in each pool may also be quantified by TCID50. Virus can be shipped domestically and internationally, and we are certified for the shipment of Category A and Category B Infectious Substances.

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ImQuest BioSciences is a preclinical contract research and development organization (CRO) that provides service to evaluate the potential efficacy of new and novel pharmaceutical products for the treatment and prevention of viruses, bacteria, cancer and inflammatory disease, including in vitro toxicology and product formulation services.