MicroSENSE - Antibiotic Discovery and Development

Bacterial and Fungal Panels

ImQuest offers comprehensive microbe panels to meet our clients needs. Our staff has decades of infectious disease experience with quality, efficient and cost-effective services for antibacterial and antifungal product development. A selection of relevant bacterial and fungal strains and panels are noted below.

Please contact us about customized microbial testing if additional organisms are required for testing. Clinical strains are available upon request.

  • Custom panels of indication-specific microorganisms
  • Clinically-relevant Gram negative and Gram positive organisms
    • ESKAPE Pathogens
      • Enterococcis
      • Staphlococcus
      • Klebsiella
      • Acinetobacter
      • Pseudamonas
      • Enterobacter
    • Anaerobic organisms
      • Clostridium
      • Propionibacterium
  • Fungal Pathogens
  • Tuberculosis
  • Biofilm Forming Pathogens
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Pathogens
    • Gonorrhea
    • Chlamydia
    • Trichomonas
    • Viral testing available for HSV, HIV and other blood borne pathogens
  • Phenotypic and genetically-defined drug resistant microbe panels
    • Carbapenam resistant
    • Extended spectrum beta-lactam resistant (ESBL)
    • Methicillin resistant
    • Penicillin resistant
    • Vancomycin resistant
    • Linezolid resistant
    • NDM-1 resistant
    • Multi-drug resistant
    • Custom Microbe Panels (upon request)

The microbial world is extremely diverse, and many of our clients have specialized and specific strains. The organisms and strains listed above are a selection of the pathogens that comprise our panels, and a non-exahustive listing of the organisms in our collection.

Don't see your bacterial or fungal organism on our list? Contact us to inquire about our capabilities and experience with your organism and strain of choice.