Consultative Services

Consulting Services

ImQuest BioSciences provides highly consultative services - we are more than a consultant, we act as an extension of your research and development laboratories. We have decades of experience in drug development, infectious disease and cancer research that allow us to act as your expert chief scientific officer to assist you with:

  • The development of algorithms, product development timelines and cost estimates for drug development programs
  • The development of technical documents, manuscripts and business plans to share at Scientific Advisory Board meetings or for presentation to investors or venture capital firms in support of your fund raising efforts
  • The creation of critical, unbiased reviews of data and scientific programs
  • The submission of grant proposals to the NIH and other funding organizations

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Grant and Contract Writing

ImQuest BioSciences has successfully competed for grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award programs (Phase 1 and Phase 2 grants), as well as other targeted funding opportunities. To date, our grants have generated nearly $40 million in funding to support product development for our clients and partners.

We understand that no matter how good the research idea or product, the preparation of the grant is the key to success. Thus, ImQuest BioSciences grant writers will work with you to develop the best documents necessary by understanding your preliminary data, developing testable hypotheses, and defining the appropriate research plan. Our goal is to be sure that your company obtains the necessary and available funds to support the development of your project in an environment where the competition for federal funds has become increasingly fierce.

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Drug Development Partnerships

ImQuest BioSciences understands that one of the greatest challenges faced by a company is obtaining the necessary financial, technical and professional resources required to successfully submit an Investigational New Drug application to the Food and Drug Administration. ImQuest BioSciences is prepared to assist our clients in traversing the drug development "Valley of Death" so that highly novel, potent and effective products have the opportunity to enter human clinical trials. Proposals for Drug Development Partnerships with ImQuest BioSciences should be submitted to our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Robert W. Buckheit, Jr. at