Molecular Biology Services

As a full service, preclinical CRO, ImQuest BioSciences offers full service, and customizable, research and development support for molecular biology applications. With state of the art laboratories and decades of expertise, we provide a broad range of genomic and molecular based assay capabilties. These capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Nucleic Acid Services

  • Technical services
    • DNA, RNA extraction (total, intracellular, extracellular) from a wide variety of cell lines, primary cell, tissues and biological matrices
    • Plasmid DNA production
    • In vitro RNA transcription
  • Quantitative real time PCR Services
    • DNA and RNA quantification
    • Custom primer/probe development and verification
    • Gene expression analysis
    • Viral specific qPCR (RNA and DNA viruses)
  • Sequencing Services
    • Gene specific sanger sequencing
    • NGS Sequencing applications and support (RNASeq, Whole Genome Sequencing, ect.)
    • Viral and bacterial sequencing and analysis

Molecular Cloning Services

  • DNA cloning services and consultation
  • Custom plasmid generation and expression
  • Restriction enzyme cloning strategies
  • Specialized and project specific cloning strategies (Gateway, TOPO, ect.)
  • Site directed mutagenesis and gene synthesis support

Biochemical Analysis

  • Protein Analysis
    • Immunoblot (western blot) design, optimization and analysis
    • Antibody selection and validation
    • Quantitative immunoblot analysis
    • Protein-protein interaction and immunoprecipitation assays
    • Protein electrophoresis: SDS-PAGE and native PAGE
    • Protein extraction from a wide variety of cell lines, primary cell, tissues and biological matrices
    • Cell fractionation and organelle isolation
    • Radiometric macromolecular synthesis evaluations
  • Immunoassay and Biomarker Support
    • Custom ELISA development and analysis
    • Luminex evaluation of cytokines and chemokines from serum and cell culture supernatant
  • Custom biochemical assay support (commercially available reagents/kits, on request)
  • Human DNA polymerase biochemical assays
  • Mitochondrial functional assays: protein biogenesis and genomic material quantification

Cell-Based Molecular Assay Services

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