Virus And Bacterial Stock Production Services

Save valuable time and avoid all the tedious steps in virus and bacterial stock production for your research. With expertise gained from years of experience in cell culture, the development of new antiviral agents, and the growth of bacterial and fungal pathogens, we can propagate, concentrate, and characterize virus and bacteria at scales ranging from milliters to liters. Crude and concentrated virus can be further concentrated via Tangential Flow Filtration, standard filtration, centrifugation and ultra centrifugation technologies. GLP production is also available upon request.

Stocks can be custom processed to meet your needs, including the preparation of proteins, virus/bacterial inactivation, and isolation of viral and bacterial genomic nucleic acids, and custom sequencing. Whatever your needs, our scientists will customize the production process to your specifications.

Our team has has decades of experience providing Virology and Microbiology Services. We have worked with a wide variety of infectious organisms, and encourage your to contact us to learn more about our experience and expertise. The expansion and culturing of cell lines and primary cells is also available. Specialized production services for HBV are also available.

Stock Production Services include:

  • Production of crude virus/bacterial preparations
  • Concentration of virus or bacteria from crude preparations
  • Preparation of crude infected cell lysates
  • Isolation and quantification of protein, RNA & DNA
  • Determination of stock concentration; plaque assay and TCID50 determinations
  • Preparation of inactivated stocks
  • Infectivity testing and custom antiviral or antibacterial testing
  • Preparation of frozen stocks, glcerol stocks, and custom aliquots
  • A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is provided with each material. This typically includes OD260/280 for virual/bacterial particle and concentration estimation & TCID50 assay for viral infectious titer.
  • Cell and stock repository services are also available upon request