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Influenza, RSV, Coronavirus and Respiratory Virus Services

Screen your drug candidates for activity against various respiratory viruses, including influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, human rhinovirus, measles virus and human adenovirus. Our virus panels include numerous wild-type and resistant strains. Viruses in our panels have been tested in a variety of cell lines (Vero, HEp2, H1-HeLa, A549 and Huh7); customized primary cell systems are available. Assay endpoints include CPE, plaque, and qPCR based endpoints. Secondary biological evaluations, such as variation in multiplicity of infection and time of drug addition are also available.

Please contact us about performing coronavirus testing. Multiple Coronavirus strains are available including BSL-2 and BSL-3 strains.

Antiviral Development Services

Utilize ImQuest BioSciences' expertise to accelerate the development of candidate antiviral drugs designed for the treatment of respiratory virus infections. Employ our suite of in vitro screening assays to rapidly identify and characterize new antiviral drug candidates for their activity against respiratory viruses.

  • Evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of potential new inhibitors
  • Investigate range of action with a broad panel of viral isolates, a variety of cell lines and/or primary cells
  • Study the mechanism of action of drug candidates with cell-based and enzymatic assays
  • Take advantage of our services for the selection and characterization of drug-resistant viruses
  • Investigate the potential synergy of your drug candidate in combination with other antiviral agents with our optimized cell-based assays utilizing MacSynergy II analysis
  • Rapidly transition from in vitro to in vivo efficacy studies

To view our white papers on influenza, RSV and other respiratory viruses click on the links below.

Virus Production Services

ImQuest BioSciences provides technical services for the production of your high titer and highly infectious virus stocks for both laboratory and clinical strains. We can propagate, concentrate, and characterize viral stocks at scales ranging from milliters to liters, saving you time and avoiding the tedious steps required for viral production. Whatever your needs, our scientists will customize the virus production process to your specifications.

Virus Production Services include:

  • Production of crude virus preparations for your clinical and laboratory derived strains
  • Concentration of virus from crude preparations utilizing Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
  • Determination of virus concentration by qPCR and TCID50 determinations
  • Preparation of inactivated virus
  • Isolation of viral proteins, RNA & DNA
  • Quantification of proteins and nucleic acids

Documentation of final viral titer is provided with each lot of virus produced. Infectious virus in each pool may also be quantified by TCID50. Virus can be shipped domestically and internationally, and we are certified for the shipment of Category A and Category B Infectious Substances.

Contact us to request a quote for viral stock production.

ImQuest BioSciences is a preclinical contract research and development organization (CRO) that provides service to evaluate the potential efficacy of new and novel pharmaceutical products for the treatment and prevention of viruses, bacteria, cancer and inflammatory disease, including in vitro toxicology and product formulation services.