ImQuest Microbiology ESKAPE Antibacterial MIC

Galleria Mellonella Larval Model of Bacterial Infection

Model Overview

ImQuest BioScience's microbiology team has developed and optimized the G. mellonella in vivo model to assess the efficacy of antimicrobial agents. It can be utilized to evaluate the efficacy of novel antimicrobial agents identified in primary screening in a rapid and cost-effective manner prior to transitioning to more expensive murine or large animal models of infection.  Due to the conserved innate immune response in these organisms, the in vivo assay is ideally suited to assess novel host directed and immune modulating agents.  This assay serves to enhance ImQuest's MicroSENS platform, which includes in vitro preclinical services necessary for the discovery and IND-directed development of novel anti-infective agents.


  • Determination of in vivo efficacy of candidate antimicrobial drugs against clinical and antibiotic resistant strains
  • Comparison of antimicrobial agents with FDA approved compounds of similar class
  • Modulation of antibiotic time of addition
  • Assessment and screening of immune and host directed antimicrobial agents

Assay Customization

A variety of representative wild type and resistant ESKAPE pathogens can be utilized to evaluate the effects of antibiotics on both Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms.  Initial pilot studies to assess the target bacterial inoculum may be necessary for client-specific strains. Client derived laboratory or clinical strains can be utilized in the model upon request.

Contact us to learn more and to inquire about specific strain selection, assay design and pricing information.