Publication in Antiviral Research: PYDs in Combination with Approved Anti-HIV Drugs

October 10, 2011

Tracy Hartman, Director of Anti-Infective Research, has published a manuscript with co-authors Dr. Robert W. Buckheit Jr. and Dr. Lu Yang entitled “Antiviral Interactions of Combinations of Highly Potent 2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione congeners and Other Anti-HIV Agents” which was published in Antiviral Research (2011, 92, p.505-508). The data discussed the identification of seven lead pyrimindinedione molecules from a SAR evaluation and suggests excellent potential as candidates for combination therapy with other approved HIV inhibitors of varying mechanism of action. The data generated was supported by a NIH Phase I Small Business grant that was won by Dr. Buckheit in 2008.

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