Microbicides Presentation: Vaginal Film Drug Delivery of the Pyrimidinedione IQP 0528 for the Prevention of HIV Infection

February 1, 2010

Dr. Ham was awarded a multi-year Microbicides Innovation Program grant to develop a novel nanoparticle pyrimidinedione formulation delivered via a quick dissolving vaginal film. Several dosage forms have been investigated for use as drug delivery systems for microbicide products. Gel applications are widely used today in clinical studies for vaginal drug delivery systems in the prevention of HIV. However, there still exist user acceptability issues with gels that can be improved upon. This work is among the first to specifically apply a nanoparticle drug delivery system in a solid dosage form to enhance the anti-HIV inhibition of a drug in the vagina and release it over an extended period of time. The film dosage form also offers a practical innovation to topical microbicides, by being very inexpensive to produce. At a manufacturing cost significantly lower than that of traditional formulations, polymeric films are quite capable to being manufacture and distributed in even the poorest of nations.

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