ImQuest BioSciences Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, Launches ImQuestSUCCESS, Expedited Drug Discovery and Development Platform

June 10, 2014

Frederick, MD - June 10, 2014 - ImQuest BioSciences, a leading pre-clinical contract research and development company that evaluates the potential of new and novel pharmaceutical products, today announced the launch of its ImQuestSUCCESS platform in conjunction with the celebration of its 10 year anniversary. ImQuestSUCCESS helps assure that the best clinical product is chosen for continued investment and development. Successful completion of the platform objectives provides significant confidence in the potential of a test compound to transition to human clinical trials. In addition to the launch, ImQuest BioSciences is also accepting applications to award one free consultation session that results in the delivery of a drug development roadmap each month through 2014.

The discovery and development of new drugs is a long and costly process. One study estimates that, on average, it takes more than ten years and one billion dollars to get an actual drug to market. ImQuest BioSciences has developed its proprietary platform to enhance the robustness of drug development efforts and reduce the risk of expensive failures by efficiently excluding candidates that are likely to fail during advanced preclinical and clinical development at early (and less expensive) time points. The ImQuestSUCCESS platform ensures the positive selection of those products with the highest probability of clinical success. The ImQuestSUCCESS platform consists of seven interrelated efficacy-defining SENS components, including cancer (OncoSENS), infectious disease (MicroSENS, PrevSENS, ViroSENS), and women's health (FemSENS) with parallel evaluations of in vitro and ex vivo toxicity (ToxiSENS) and the pharmaceutical properties of clinical candidates (PharmaSENS).

"During the past 10 years, we have acquired in-depth insight to create a truly unique platform that lets us work smarter, not harder," said Dr. Robert Buckheit, Jr., PhD, President and CSO of ImQuest BioSciences. "We know that time is money for our clients, and ImQuestSUCCESS ensures our focus is placed only on compounds with an enhanced chance of clinical success. We are extremely proud to be one of the only biotechnology firms in the industry to offer this cutting-edge approach to drug discovery and development."

In addition to the launch of the platform, ImQuest BioSciences' will provide a free consultative session that results in the delivery of a comprehensive drug development roadmap, highlighting all necessary items that need to be accomplished in order to meet milestones and ensure the best clinical compound is chosen for continued investment and development. Submissions are being accepted at ImQuest BioSciences will select one compound to analyze each month from now until December 2014.

About ImQuest BioSciences (

ImQuest BioSciences, is a contract research organization (CRO) focused on the development of agents for the prevention and treatment of infectious disease and cancer, as well as specialized capabilities to support the pre-formulation and formulation development for optimal product delivery. ImQuest BioSciences has generated $4-5 million in revenue on an annual basis since 2006 and successfully raised approximately 40 million dollars in NIH grant funding to support new product developments. Since its founding in 2004, ImQuest scientists have published more than 150 manuscripts in peer-reviewed scientific literature. ImQuest was awarded Small Business of the Year in 2010 and Best Places to Work in Frederick in 2012. Additionally, President and CSO, Bob Buckheit was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011.

ImQuest's proprietary ImQuestSUCCESS platform enables the rapid identification of drug candidates with a high probability of clinical success thereby reducing the risk associated with failure during clinical trials. The platform can be used for the identification of antiviral agents, antimicrobial drugs including topical microbicides, and oncology drugs.

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