Robert W. Buckheit, III, Ph.D.

Director, Immunology and Flow Cytometry Services

Dr. Buckheit experience includes expertise in multi-parameter flow cytometry analysis, including immune phenotyping and intracellular cytokine production assays, ELIspot, ELISA and other immunological assays, microscopic imaging (fluorescent microscopy and confocal microscopy), cloning, mutagenesis, quantitative real time-PCR, HIV-1 latency assays, western blot analysis and co-immunoprecipitation, metabolic radiolabeling based assays, and extensive expertise in the use of primary cells. Dr. Buckheit has a strong publication record in virology, immunology, HIV-1 latency and viral dynamics, including both peer-reviewed research articles and reviews/book-chapters.

Dr. Buckheit received a B.S. in Molecular Biology from Lehigh University in 2009. His Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Medicine was received from the Johns Hopkins University in 2013 working in the laboratories of Drs. Bob Siliciano and Joel Blankson where his focus was on HIV virology and understanding the CD8+ T cell mediated immune response to HIV-1 infection. His post-doctoral training was completed at the National Cancer Institute's HIV Dynamics and Replication Program in the Virus-Cell Interaction section with Eric Freed, with a specific focus on HIV biology and biochemistry, specifically studying host and viral factors associated with the late stages of viral replication and budding. Dr. Buckheit is also an adjunct professor at Mount Saint Mary's University in Frederick, MD.

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