Lu Yang, M.D.

Manager, Infectious Disease Research

Lu Yang is a graduate of National Hubei College of Chinese Medicine in Wuhan, China. (MD in 1988, MSc in 1991). She served as a resident in Otolaryngology for 4 years in Affiliated Hospital of Hubei College of Chinese Medicine and Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital, and as surgeon in charge in Otolaryngology for 6 years in Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital (2nd People’s Hospital of Shenzhen). Although mainly educated and trained in clinical medicine with over ten years of surgical experience, Dr. Yang also experienced in cardiovascular pharmacology research based on animal models. Since 1999, Dr. Yang has focused on bioscience research, serving in the National Cancer Institute, Southern Research Institute, TherImmune Research Corporation and Gene Logic Inc before joining the research team at ImQuest BioSciences. During her years of laboratory research Dr. Yang has developed skills in cellular and molecular biology, as well as anti-HIV, anti-HBV, and anti-HCV drug development technologies. She has become highly proficient at performing tissue culture, primary human blood cell isolation, ELISA, cell proliferation/viability/cytotoxicity assays. Specifically, she is highly experienced with the performance of antiviral drug screening programs with PBMCs, monocyte-macrophage and dendritic cultures, the use of robotic workstation for high output anti-HIV drug screening, electronic data analysis and report generation. In addition, Dr. Yang has experience with chemotactic assays, calcium mobilization assays, radiolabeled ligand binding assays, flow cytometry sample preparation and anti-angiogenesis assays. At ImQuest BioSciences Dr. Yang has also expanded her skills in molecular biology techniques such as PCR, RT-PCR, quantitative PCR, molecular cloning, plasmid amplification and purification, and in vitro transcription. She possesses the experience to optimize experimental conditions and to develop new robust antiviral assays in support of anti-infectious disease research programs.

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