Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday ImQuest BioSciences, happy birthday to us!

by Robert Buckheit Jr.

February 10, 2016

This week, we at ImQuest BioSciences celebrate twelve years of being in business. From the very first moment we decided to start a company we have focused on relationship building and providing the highest level of services to our clients. We understood we had the capability to provide expert services to companies and academic laboratories developing novel antiviral, antimicrobial and anticancer products. Over the past twelve years we have worked with hundreds of companies, from virtual biotech companies to the largest pharmaceutical companies, and we have continued to offer our technical and professional expertise to assist each of our clients in achieving success. Over these years we have learned that effective drug development requires excellent communication between our staff and our clients and that working as a joint R&D team with our clients brings great synergy to the IND-directed programs. Our release of the ImQuest SUCCESS program in 2015 reflects the continuing evolution of our preclinical drug development services. Originally focused on compound efficacy, our complete services now include in vitro toxicity and mechanism of toxicity evaluations and cutting edge pharmaceutical product characterization and formulation. These services allow ImQuest to rapidly collect critical information on efficacy, toxicity, and formulation, saving our clients valuable time and resources in the identification of their lead compound.

A lot has happened in twelve years, so here's a short stroll down ImQuest’s memory lane:

  • Combined, our four founding senior staff members (Bob and Karen Buckheit, Tracy Hartman and Lu Yang) have worked together for 75 years.
  • Our PhD staff have obtained their degrees from notable institutions such as Duke University, University of Arizona, Johns Hopkins University, University of Virginia, University of Maryland, and University of Alabama.
  • We were named one of Frederick’s "Best Places to Work" in 2012 by Frederick City and County.
  • Our founder was named "Entrepreneur of the Year 2010" by the Entrepreneur Council of Frederick.
  • We were named "Small Business of the Year 2010" by the Tech Council of Maryland.
  • We have published 70 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals including 6 reviews plus two book chapters.
  • We have successfully competed for over $40 million in NIH grant funding, including SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 awards, consortium-based Integrated Preclinical and Clinical Program awards and awards from the Microbicide Innovation Program.
  • We have successfully obtained two Investigational New Drug approvals from the Food and Drug Administration for products to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV.
  • From our roots in HIV drug discovery and development, we have developed R&D services for hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus and influenza and respiratory virus drug development; we have recently introduced a novel multiparameter assay for evaluation of HBV inhibitors.
  • We have developed significant microbiology capabilities to address the evolving problem of antibiotic resistance throughout the world and the need for renewed emphasis on antibiotic development. We have developed capability to develop new products targeting hospital and community acquired bacterial infections with ESKAPE pathogens and a high throughput assay for inhibitors of biofilm forming organisms.
  • We have developed a variety of novel, non-traditional formulations for drug delivery including vaginal gels, dual vaginal/rectal DuoGels, nanoparticle-based films, melting and dissolving suppositories and transdermal patches.
  • We have continued our efforts to give back to the community through donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer Research Center, participation in the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics of Maryland and the hiring of interns from the local community to gain valuable research experience in our labs. To date we have had 15 interns form local high schools and colleges work in our labs.

ImQuest BioSciences is committed to continuing to provide expert service to our clients in the next twelve years. We thank our many unique clients for their support, and hope for continued SUCCESS in 2016 and beyond. To learn more about ImQuest BioSciences please Contact Us.

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