Come Visit us at the Society of Toxicology Conference in New Orleans!

by Robert Buckheit, Jr.

March 9, 2016

Next week several members of our scientific team will be attending the Society of Toxicology meeting in New Orleans. Though we are looking forward to a week of fine Cajun meals, beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde, muffulettas at Central Grocery, Hurricanes and mint juleps while wandering the streets of the French Quarter, we also know the week will be filled with great science.

At our marketing booth (Booth number 430), the father-son Buckheit team will be interacting with scientists from around the world and informing them of how ImQuest can provide service to enhance their drug development capabilities. The ImQuest SUCCESS platform is comprised of assays that allow our clients to rapidly assess how active a new drug candidate is against a variety of infectious organisms as well as cancer cells. Equally important, we help our clients mitigate risk by understanding any potential toxicity or safety issues that might exist with their new compounds. Our ImQuestSUCCESS platform evaluates efficacy, toxicity and the pharmaceutical properties of a new molecule and allows our team to rapidly identify issues that might cause a clients’ compound to fail in animal and human testing, enhancing the chances of successful drug development. Success means drugs get to the clinic and approval for use faster and with reduced time and expense. Who really wants to pay more for their drugs and how many companies actually have the money to waste on doomed animal and human testing?

At the ImQuest booth in New Orleans we will discuss our diverse capabilities to assess the toxicity of new products. Our ToxiSENS platform includes toxicity assessment against a wide variety of human cells: blood cells, liver cells, kidney cells, heart cells and central nervous system cells. If toxic effects are observed in our assays we can identify the mechanisms responsible for the toxic effects and assist our clients in understanding the risks of moving a product forward to human testing. In addition, we support studies that allow us to understand how a drug is absorbed into the body, how it is distributed to cells and tissues, how it is metabolized and how it is excreted. Our studies define the optimal drug formulation for delivery into the body, including pills or liquids for oral delivery, patches for transdermal delivery, and gels, films and suppositories for vaginal/rectal delivery. Our studies assure that our clients' product is safe and its delivery is optimized.

Our scientific team, including Karen Buckheit (Director, Women’s Health and Prevention Services) and Tracy Hartman (Director, Infectious Disease Services and In Vitro Toxicology) will also be listening to talks detailing the latest developments in the field of toxicology and meeting young and established scientists present their data at scientific poster sessions. The ImQuest team hopes to understand the ongoing evolution of the in vitro and ex vivo toxicology fields, allowing us to ethically minimize the number of animals required for the assessment of toxicology and reduce the costs associated with these studies.

We look forward to meeting you in New Orleans and sharing some of you time over great food, great drink and great science! Contact Us to learn more.

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